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Sherp ATV Trailers

Securing Trailer Cargo

Sherp ATV – $114,995 USD

Sherp ATV – The Ark Click Here

Join us for a ride at the Fleetistics test track between Tampa and Orlando.

Rent – $125/hr USD

If you need the capabilities of the Sherp ATV but do not want to make the investment, you can rent the Sherp ATV for use on private land. There is an 8-hour minimum plus $1.75 mile for transport.

GPS Equipment Tracking


Keep track of your assets for safety, productivity and inventory. Fleetistics offers a complete line of vehicle tracking, dashcam, asset tracking and equipment monitoring solutions. All Fleetistics Sherp ATVs come with a GO Rugged and 1 year of service included.

GO Rugged Equipment Tracker by Geotab

GO Rugged

FLT-VL02-GPS Tracker

ATV GPS Tracker

Covert GPS Tracking-LL01 (2)

Covert Tracker

Which Model?


The Sherp comes in two models, standard and pickup. The standard is great for cold weather environments or where the configuration will not need to be changed. The pickup model offers a soft top and removable hardtop with a roll cage. By removing the hardtop search and rescue members can see and hear their surroundings more effectively. The open top also allows entering and exiting the Sherp over the sides (when not in motion). The open back may be handy in urban water rescue scenarios. The downside to the pickup is the roll bar mounts in the rear bench eliminating side seating. 

Specialty Applications


The Sherp ATV represents unique capabilities not found in an ATV, airboat, inflatable pontoon boat or traditional boat. Each of these platforms has pros and cons, strengths and weaknesses. The Sherp platform represents a very stable, protected vehicle able to cross land at almost 30 mph and cross water at 3.7 mph. With a boat, you have to stop when you run into dry ground or obstacles. With an airboat the speed on the water is great but they are limited in their ability with soft aluminum hulls to cross land or operate in an urban environment with underwater obstacles such as signs and fences posts. 

Who Needs 4 Tires?

Sherp ATV Overview

GPS Vehicle Fleet Tracking Pricing -

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