Garmin Inreach Explorer Personal Tracker

I’m using the Garmin Explorer on my motorcycle trip to highlight the product features as a personal tracker. The Garmin Inreach Explorer+ has many application in industries such as oil and gas, forest service, national parks service, geology, surveying, BLM and others. Fleetistics has integrated the Garmin data with GPS fleet tracking data to create a unified map view for fleet tracking customers.

The Garmin Explorer has many features including:

  • Navigation with contour maps
  • Canned and custom messaging
  • Location sharing
  • Emergency notification
  • Compass
  • Map sharing
  • Shared location with other Garmin Explorers
Garmin Inreach Explorer Motorcycle Tracker
Garmin Inreach Explorer Personal Tracker

This is roughly the 433 mile route I will be taking. I’m going to try to stay on secondary roads. I think it will take about 10-11 hours. Traveling by motorcycle is slower. It is tiring fighting the wind and having to be highly focused all the time. I’ll be showcasing our latest integrations with the Garmin Explorer+ and motorcycle/ATV tracker.

View route map.

Track my trip real-time here.