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Tracking Map

Google map solutions

GPS Track Visualization

Tracking maps are the primary way in which users will initially interact with a GPS system. Great mapping enables users to quickly review and evaluate the performance of an individual driver or a fleet of vehicles. From just the map view, you can see when all your drivers are on the road every morning and where the closet drivers are to any emergency calls that may arise throughout the day.

High Resolution Mapping Products for Fleets

Tracking Map Data

The GO device provides second-by-second resolution of the route traveled. Fleetistics calls this unique capability ExactTRAX. HD tracking does not mean you need to receive a bill for 60x that of what competitors are offering for 1-5 minute location resolutions. The extra refined second by second data updates anywhere between every 5 seconds to every few minutes depending on the need to deliver the right data, at the right time. Driving 55mph down a straight highway will not require as much detail as a vehicle making several turns on multiple city blocks. With ExactTRAX, you will always have the level of detail you need to view everywhere your fleet has traveled.


Exceptions Detail

The smart map displays exceptions based on the area being viewed. Simply hover the mouse pointer to reveal the exceptional second-by-second details. Because of this high resolution, the accident reconstruction feature provides an added layer of protection in the event of a vehicle accident. Exceptions can be created from routine data or custom written.

Example: Exit zone by vehicle group A, for more than 65 seconds and a speed greater than 30 mph.

Multiple Map Options

There are multiple mapping options which play an important role in the diverse applications of GO customers. Google maps are the standard and primary mapping application. Customers can use their ESRI maps with a web map server or utilize OpenStreetMaps.org. Map views can be saved and set to default by user to reduce the time spent zooming to a territory or area.

Zone Route Fleet Delivery

Zones or Geofences

This example zone shows the power you have to create very large and complicated zones or geofences. Notice how the zone has over 100 points in the polygon to encompass a very specific area. In this example, emergency service vehicles dispatched outside the City of Seminole were able to be billed to neighboring areas for fire and medical services. Zones can also be quickly added and imported with one of our customers having over 150,000 zones.

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