Masters Golf Tournament

Augusta National is home of the Masters golf tournament and I’ll be tracking my motorcycle ride from Tampa to Augusta. I’ll be using a personal tracker call the Garmin Inreach Explorer. Garmin recently purchased Inreach which basically left two personal trackers for remote travel application. Globalstar’s SPOT is widely known but has far fewer features than the Inreach Explorer. Follow my trip and read my blog posts as I do updates on how the Explorer performs, what I like and don’t like about it and how it might be application to a lone worker application in your industry. For motorcycle adventure riders it is also simply a great way to keep family and friends aware of your location and to provide peace of mind being able to communicate with you almost anywhere in the world. From the jungles of the Amazon to the Silk Road in China, Explorer offers a tracking and communication tools for personal and business use.

I leave Saturday so “Like” our page or just follow along as I update from the road and give feedback on the products. You can also watch a live map feeding from both the Garmin and the motorcycle tracker. Fleetistics has integrated the Explorer location data with our MyFleetView map which displays the location of vehicles being tracked. A unified view offers quick reference for all people and assets being tracked.