Transferring Geotab Service

How to transfer from another Geotab reseller to Fleetistics

We’re sorry it didn’t work out, but we’re glad to have you.


Transferring Geotab service to a different reseller for any reason can be a disquieting experience. With over 21 years as a Geotab reseller, Fleetistics is the world’s longest standing Geotab reseller. We know Geotab like no other reseller. More importantly, we know fleet customers and how to help them get the most out of the Geotab platform.

Additionally, the customizations Fleetistics has done go beyond the Geotab platform. Fleetistics’ team includes some of the most tenured team members of all Geotab resellers. With such great experience, our team will help you transition and achieve the user experience needed to drive your ROI while providing a superior level of customer service that is only found in a boutique business like Fleetistics.


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It is very important to address the relationship with your current reseller when transferring Geotab service. Losing a customer is an emotional process for everyone. If you have a service agreement in place, you must settle that, or have a plan to settle it, prior to transfer.

Your current reseller is NOT required to sign the transfer document. If you owe the reseller money, address it and move forward.  Fleetistics only works with customers in good standing in a win-win relationship. If someone will bad debt another reseller, they will do it to us.

Do not sign another agreement with any Geotab reseller prior to having an exit strategy or agreement with your current Geotab reseller. 

Fleetistics Guarantee

Fleetistics offers a variety of service agreements ranging from monthly, to longer-terms. The longer the term, the lower the price. Simple business. Since you are taking a leap of faith to join the Fleetistics family when transferring Geotab service, all transfer agreements will come with a 60 day no cancellation penalty period. If you do not like our service, pay for the service used and equipment purchased (if any), and there will be no ETF.

Transferring Geotab Service – Options



Option 1 – Most Popular

  • Keep your devices (no install, vehicle downtime or wages)
  • Keep your data, account and configuration
  • Transfer your account billing, support and administration to Fleetistics
  • Current reseller and Fleetistics must sign the Geotab Transfer Billing form
  • Pay $40 transfer fee, per vehicle to Geotab, billed to you by Fleetistics

Option 2 – Start Over Plan

  • Scrap your devices and purchase new ones from Fleetistics with a 10-year limited lifetime warranty
  • Leave your data behind but download into Excel reports prior to cancellation
  • Start a new account with Fleetistics with the guidance of our experienced team
  • Schedule follow up training to maximize your ROI
  • Explore new products and services as your business grows

Either process for transferring Geotab service requires completing an order with Fleetistics. Each order provides access to our Terms of Sale, warranty and online Business Management Portal (invoices, support tickets, dashboards, fuel card integration, etc.)

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