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GPS Trackers For Small Businesses

Sometimes all you need is an affordable GPS tracker to stay on top of things while your business grows. Fleetistics LITE provides location and stop information for basic fleet tracking insights. As your needs change when you grow, you can use the same GPS devices in the Fleetistics ONE platform for more features.


View a variety of essential reports for vehicles or groups of vehicles. Reports provide basic GPS fleet tracking information such as start-stop time and location, alerts generated and speeding.

Schedule reports to be delivered conveniently via email so logging in is not required to get the basic GPS tracking data.

Affordable GPS Tracker: Automobile Tracking Report

With the LITE platform, you can upgrade to the Fleetistics ONE (FONE) platform if your needs change. If you want to start on a very robust platform, click the button to the right and check out the Geotab platform.


Affordable GPS Tracker: Automobile Tracking Report

Trip Report & Alerts


In addition to an affordable GPS tracker with a low monthly fee, instant installation and 1 minute updates, you also get basic reports on the vehicles activities and events such as ignition on/off. These reports provide good basic management  information.

GPS Vehicle Fleet Tracking


Even though the monthly fee is generally 50% less than our competitors, you still receive a GPS log rate that shows the route a vehicle traveled, where it stopped and how long it was there – the basics of GPS tracking. If the vehicle leaves cellular coverage, the GPS unit will store about 1 day of driving which is then uploaded upon entering the cellular network.

If you are interested in driver safety, accelerometer data, APIs, customizations, etc. Ask a sales consultant about our GO Series or click below to view more. Our goal is finding the right solution for YOU for the lowest investment.

Affordable GPS Tracker: Automobile Tracking Report
Affordable GPS Tracker: Automobile Tracking Report



Although a simple function, this powerful feature enables you to highlight a route with up to 10 corner points. Your vehicle will be flagged if it strays outside the geo-corridor. This is great for law enforcement going from the jail to the court house or  for manufacturing going from the plant to the distribution center. This feature is typically not part of an affordable GPS tracker but it comes with the LITE platform. 

Zones or GeoFences


Create zones around key locations such as your office, driver’s home, key customers or filling stations. Each zone can have up to 10 points which covers 95% of users with basic GPS tracking needs. If you need to import zones, have more complex polygons, or create custom rules for zones, ask a sales consultant about the GO Series.

Affordable GPS Tracker: Automobile Tracking Report
Affordable GPS Tracker: Automobile Tracking Report

OBD Plug & Play GPS Tracker


The convenience of an OBD P&P device eliminates installation time and cost. Deployment is literally within minutes of receiving your order. To reduce the temptation to remove the devices every order comes with unique Fleetistics serial number zip ties so you know if the devices was removed.

Affordable GPS Tracker: Automobile Tracking Report

Asset Trackers - BIG backup battery


A variety of devices are available including an equipment and asset tracking device with a large backup battery. The XT-4750 is ruggedized and designed to be outside and withstand the vibration found when tracking equipment. The large battery can operate for several months in a reduced messaging mode when all power has been lost.

Due to the cost of equipment tracking devices, fees apply, shipping and a 1 year warranty apply for equipment and asset trackers. 


3-Wire GPS Trackers


If you have a big rig without an OBD or want a more covert install get the VT-4100. The small size and ability to hide the device deep in a vehicle make it ideal for some applications. Installation generally takes 20-30 minutes on most standard fleet vehicles.

Affordable GPS Tracker: Automobile Tracking Report
Affordable GPS Tracker: Automobile Tracking Report

Don't Let Fuel Break the Bank


Fuel expenses are one of the greatest, yet least clear, expenses a company can have. Many companies use credit cards to purchase fuel and hopefully nothing else, like food or drinks. Credit cards are the worst because they give you NO details. The Fleetistics fuel card powered by WEX is accepted almost all major fuel companies and gives you details on the type of fuel, gallons, price per gallon and anything that may have been purchased in the store such as beer, food, ice, etc. Fleetistics custom fuel dashboard will help you see fuel expenses in a whole new light and show you have to save money. Applying is fast, easy and only $2 a month per card.



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